Vendor Management


Vendor management includes all those activities associated with selecting, authorizing, training, monitoring, and investigating the State agency's vendor population for the purpose of reducing fraud and abuse in the WIC Program food delivery system.

  1. Vendor Selection and Authorization - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(i), (ii), and (iii): identify the types of food delivery systems used in the State's jurisdiction, describe, if used, the State agency's limiting criteria, describe the State agency's selection criteria, attach a sample vendor agreement, and describe, if applicable, the supervision and instruction the State agency provides to local agencies to which vendor agreement signing has been delegated.
  2. Vendor Training - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(xi): describe State and local agency procedures for training WIC Program vendors and for documenting all relevant training.
  3. High-Risk Vendor Identification Systems - 7 CFR 246.12(j)(3): describe the policies and procedures for monitoring and identifying high-risk vendors through the use of vendor peer groups, food instrument redemption screening and analysis of overcharging and other violations, the use of price lists, a system for tracking complaints, or other means. This section may be submitted separately because it is no longer a State Plan requirement but must still be approved by FNS.
  4. Routine Monitoring - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(iv): describe the methods and scope of on-site routine monitoring activities and the criteria used to select vendors for routine monitoring.
  5. Compliance Investigations - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(iv): describe the investigative practices and procedures used to conduct both compliance buys and inventory audits for the purpose of detecting, tracking, and documenting vendor noncompliance with program requirements.
  6. Vendor Sanction System - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(iii): attach a copy of the State agency's sanction schedule and describe, if applicable, any option exercised under § 246.12(l)(1)(i) regarding trafficking convictions.
  7. Administrative Review of State Agency Actions - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(iii): describe the procedures for conducting both full and abbreviated administrative reviews.
  8. Coordination with the Food Stamp Program - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(ii),(14)(a)(iv), and (14)(a)(xxv): describe the methods and procedures used to coordinate the monitoring and sharing of information on vendors who participate in both the WIC Program and the Food Stamp Program.
  9. Staff Training on Vendor Management - 7 CFR 246.4(a)(14)(ii), (a)(14)(iii), (a)(14)(iv), and (a)(14)(xi): describe the distribution of responsibilities and activities of those individuals at both the State and local levels who are involved in vendor management activities.