Accessing the FOID Reporting System

Password Standards

Access to the FOID Reporting System web-based application requires assignment of an ID and Password.  The first time logging into the system or when your password has been reset, the temporary password is set to a randomly generated alphanumeric value such as "u8stmg5e".  You will log on with the assigned ID and temporary password and then be asked to change the password to one you create.  The new password must be at least eight characters and no more than sixteen characters in length, alphanumeric with no special characters.  There must be a minimum of four alpha characters and two numeric characters with no more than two characters repeated.  The password is not case sensitive; however it is suggested to always use lower case.  The password MUST be changed every 30 days to keep it active.

Instructions for Accessing the FOID Reporting System

To access the FOID Reporting System, enter either the Providers Access or the Clinician's Access into your Internet browser address line.  The instruction manual is available through the system Help option.

If you have any other questions about how you should use the FOID Reporting System, please contact