Bureau of Recruitment and Selection

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

The Bureau of Recruitment and Selection (BRS) seeks out individuals who wish to work for the Department of Human Services. BRS acts as a link for candidates by its participation in recruitment activities, community events and other outreach programs designed to educate and assist in the application process.

BRS systematically interviews viable, qualified candidates to select the most qualified individual for all open positions. This work is performed in compliance with applicable rules, laws and regulations without bias, discrimination or influence.

Contact BRS:

Greg Donathan, Bureau Chief

Dan Ojeda, Manager, Recruitment

Mailing Address:

Cook County and Northern Illinois:

Bureau of Recruitment and Selection
401 South Clinton Street, 6th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60607

or E-mail DHS.Recruitment@illinois.gov  

Central and Southern Illinois:

Bureau of Recruitment and Selection
100 South Grand Avenue E, Lower Level
Springfield, Illinois 62762

or E-mail DHS.Recruitment@illinois.gov  

Disability Recruitment Program:

866-211-4895 (TTY)

or E-mail DHS.Recruitment@illinois.gov