MR #08.09: Technical Assistance Payments (TAP)

MR #08.09 Technical Assistance Payments (TAP)


  • A Technical Assistance Payment (TAP) of $50 is paid to All Kids Application Agents (AKAAs) for each application submitted to the Central All Kids Unit or a DHS Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) when the application meets certain criteria.
    • AKAAs send Form 2378MC, Application for All Kids, FamilyCare and Moms & Babies Health Insurance, to the All Kids Unit when the applicant is requesting Family Health Plans (FHP) medical benefits only.
    • AKAAs that use the RealBenefits® system send Form 2378B, Request for Cash Assistance-Medical Assistance-Food Stamps, to the DHS FCRC when the applicant is requesting medical benefits with food stamps or TANF.
  • Form KC 266KCA, Request for Employer Statement, is acceptable proof of earnings for Medical, TANF and food stamps.
  • Copies of citizenship and identity documents submitted by the AKAAs with a signed statement that they viewed the originals are acceptable proof of citizenship and identity.
  • All Kids and FCRC workers are responsible for reviewing the application to determine if the AKAA is eligible for the TAP.
  • Each office reviews AKAA inquiries regarding denied or missing TAPs.