On behalf of the HFI network, we wish to acknowledge the support of over 4,500 parents and their children, many of whom shared their homes, their time, and their experiences with us.  Without their support this project would not have been possible.

We also wish to applaud the commitment of the 148 interviewers who devoted their time to train and reliably  collect the data necessary to complete this project.

Further we would like to acknowledge the HFI program staff whose consistent effort in supplying referrals, facilitating contacts with families, and providing assistance in tracking families made this project a success.

We also would like to recognize Ralph Schubert of the Illinois Department of Human Services who provided the clarity and insight necessary to design and implement this project.  We owe special thanks to Mark Valentine and Claire Dunham, of the Ounce of Prevention, whose enthusiasm and support for this project were greatly appreciated.  Further, we wish to acknowledge Gaylord Gieseke, of Voices for Illinois Children, for her longstanding commitment to understanding the impact of HFI services on the lives of Illinois children.

Finally we wish to acknowledge Denise Simon and the financial support of the Illinois Department of Human Services.  By funding an evaluation project of this rigor, we believe that IDHS has set a new precedent with regard to the degree to which state funded programs are expected to demonstrate intended outcomes.

Healthy Families Illinois Network