Healthy Families Illinois: Evaluation Findings, Executive Summary

This report summarizes findings from a large scale, longitudinal evaluation that examined the impact of Healthy Families Illinois on parent and child outcomes.

Healthy Families Illinois represents a unique collaboration between the Illinois Department of Human Services, and numerous other agencies committed to improving outcomes for children, including Voices for Illinois Children, Ounce of Prevention Fund, Prevent Child Abuse Illinois, and Northern Illinois University. 

Modeled after the Healthy Families America initiative, Healthy Families Illinois is a voluntary home visiting program, funded by Illinois Department of Human Services, and is currently being implemented in over 50 communities across the state.

Healthy Families Services

Healthy Families Illinois serves expectant and new parents, with the goal of improving parent-child interactions, including preventing child abuse and neglect and promoting optimal child development.  HFI provides intensive home visitation services that are culturally relevant, promote connections with community resources, and provide support and education related to positive parenting practices.  HFI provides extensive training to its home visiting staff through a training institute provided by the Ounce of Prevention Fund.

"Before Healthy Families, I didn't think I could raise my baby alone..." - quote from an HFI parent

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Program Descriptions

  • HFI Services
  • Training
  • Site Support

Demographic Characteristics

Evaluation Procedures

  • Overview of Evaluation Plan
  • Recruitment Procedures
  • Data Collection Procedures
  • Interviewers

Key Findings



  • Measures
    • Nursing Child Assessment Teaching Scale
    • Home Observation Measurement of the Environment Scale
    • Child Abuse Potential Inventory Scale
  • Attrition
    • Attrition Profiles
    • Attrition at Time One
    • Attrition across Two Years

For more information contact:

Illinois Department of Human Services
Bureau of Child and Adolescent Services
(217) 785-0462