B. Maintenance and Implementation Activities for the Lead Agency

When completing this section include:

  • A description of the nature and scope of each major activity to be carried out under Part C in maintaining and implementing the Statewide system of early intervention services. Activities could include enhancing the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development, implementing child find strategies, or ensuring a timely, comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation for each child;
  • The approximate amount of funds to be spent for each activity; and
  • A subtotal of the amount.

(Add columns and rows as needed.)

Activity Table

Major Activity Part C Funds to be Spent Description of Activities
CFC Infrastructure $0 Funding of 25 CFCs to continue a consistent, comprehensive statewide system including a provider network, intake, eligibility determination, service coordination and development of IFSPs as well as the following:
Local Interagency Councils to coordinate child find activity & provider communications, $607,000,
Parent Liaison support to families, $836,000,
Developmental Pediatric Consultation for professional assistance on child development concerns, $1,578,356, and
$1,662,500 for social-emotional consultation activities.
Comprehensive System of Personnel Development $0 Responsible for provider comprehensive training to providers and CFC staff. (Part of maintenance of effort)
Credentialing/Enrollment $0 Responsible for ensuring that providers meet credentialing/enrollment requirements.
Data & Payment System $0 Centralized data management system for case management for al children and families served and system for claims processing.
CFC & Provider Monitoring $0 Contractual Monitoring unit, monitors CFCs and direct service providers
Staff & Other Misc. Administrative Costs $0 Includes contractual costs, facility costs, travel, commodities, etc., excludes ICC and direct staff costs
Subtotal of amount under B: $0