A. Description of Use of Part C Funds for the Lead Agency

Early Intervention Services Revolving Fund. (325 ILCS 20/20)

In 1996, Illinois created a revolving fund known as the Early Intervention Services Revolving Fund, and is held by the lead agency. The Early Intervention Services Revolving Fund is used by the lead agency to pay for administrative and early intervention services to infants and toddlers. Expenditures from the Early Intervention Services Revolving Fund are made in accordance with applicable E.I. program provisions and are limited to those purposes and amounts specified under applicable program guidelines.

Funding of the Fund comes from family fees, insurance company payments, federal financial participation received as reimbursement for expenditures from the Fund, and State appropriations made to the Department of Human Services for payment for early intervention services under the Early Intervention Services System Act. (325 ILCS)

Disbursements from the Early Intervention Services Revolving Fund are made in accordance with established Department of Human Services policy.

Summary of Illinois EI Spending

7/1/08 - 6/30/09
Operations, Monitoring, Data & Payment System, Training, Credentialing, etc. $8,066,500 $10,202300
Child & Family Connections $29,549,000 $31,431,100
Direct Service $100,042,900 $107,655,000
TOTAL $137,658,400 $149,288,400

When completing this section include:

  • Totals for the number of lead agency administrative positions, salaries and fringe benefits funded either 100 percent and/or less than 100 percent with Part C funds;
  • A general description of the duties which the positions entail; and
  • A subtotal of the amount.

Identify any administrative positions for which less than 100% of the time is spent on Part C and, for each such position, indicate the percentage of time spent on Part C and the total amount of salary and fringe benefits included in the Part C application budget.

Funded Positions

Positions Funded Number of Positions % of Time Spent on Part C Salaries & Fringe Benefits Description of Duties
100% funded with Part C Funds 0 0 $0
< 100% funded with Part C Funds 0 0 $0 Responsible for administration of statewide Early Intervention system including fiscal oversight, technical assistance and follow up and staff support of the Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention. Each of these staff is fully dedicated to the Early Intervention program. Approximately half of staff costs are claimed for Medicaid reimbursement. The remaining costs help cover Part C Maintenance of Effort Requirements.
Subtotal of amount under A: $0