Fiscal Year 2009 Overview
Illinois Department of Human Services

For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008, Governor Blagojevich proposes a $5.864 billion (FY08 - $5.592 billion) all funds ordinary and contingent expenses budget for the Illinois Department of Human Services. The General Revenue Funds portion of this request totals $4.353 billion (FY08 estimated spending - $4.112 billion).

As requested by Governor Blagojevich:

The FY09 DHS request represents a $241.0 million GRF increase over FY08 estimated expenditures.

  • The FY09 budget request reflects the continued investment in community funding. The budget includes $3.0 million to annualize the cost of services for individuals moved from State-Operated Developmental Centers to the community in FY08, and $9.7 million to annualize the FY08 2.5% COLA for community-based developmental disability services. The budget also supports the transition of an additional 220 individuals out of SODCs and into community-based settings.
  • Community Health and Prevention programs will receive an additional $7.4 million to support the Early Intervention (EI) program and $3.0 million to expand the Redeploy Illinois program to rural communities. The FY09 GRF budget also includes $1.0 million for the Youth Violence Prevention program (Safety Net) which targets youth violence prevention.
  • The Mental Health budget includes $4.0 million to expand the MI Supportive Housing program, $1.6 million to improve staff to client ratios and $2.8 million to enhance on-site supervision at State-Operated Mental Health facilities on the evening, night, and weekend shifts. The FY09 budget also includes a $1.0 million increase for the Children's Mental Health Partnership and $2.4 million for a consumer safety net of community service providers to assist DHS to continue an effective transition to fee-for-service. In addition, there is $227,000, combined with a contribution from the Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, to pilot an integrated recovery management services program for individuals with mental illness and substance abuse disorders.
  • Funding for the Home Services program includes $60.9 million to support program growth and invests in the workers providing the valuable care that enables individuals with disabilities to remain in their homes. The budget also includes $2.0 million for formula funding for Centers for Independent Living.
  • The FY09 budget includes $7.5 million for an increase in cash grants to families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The Child Care funding request includes $65.1 million to fund rate increases for child care home and center providers, additional funding for the Quality Rating System and an increase for the SEIU insurance program per the labor agreement. The FY09 budget also includes a $2.2 million expansion of Immigrant Integration Services and $5.0 million more for the Food for Families program.
  • The budget for addiction treatment services includes a $538,900 contribution to the integrated recovery management services pilot program in partnership with the Division of Mental Health.