IITAA Standards Workgroup Meeting Minutes - 1/30/2008


  • Patrick Beaird, CMS
  • John Cunningham, CMS
  • Richard Chamberlain, WIU
  • Andy Georgopoulos, CMS
  • Jon Gunderson, UIUC
  • Willie Gunther, IATP
  • Jamie McCoy, DHS MIS
  • Dave Porter
  • Hadi Rangin, UIUC
  • William Richard, IATP
  • Melissa Romanotto, DHS DRS
  • Ron Sanderson, CMS
  • Susie Saputo, DHS MIS
  • Mike Scott, DHS DRS
  • Joel Turner, Revenue

Final Versions Posted

Since our last meeting, we have:

  • held a 1/23/2008 Technical Sub-group conference call to finalize the implementation guidelines. We agreed on and made the following changes:
    • 1.3 - Added "and to identify the content and/or function the page" to the Why section.
    • 1.3 - Added "and should be unique within the site whenever possible" to the How section.
    • 4.1 - Changed "Provide 'alternate text' for all images" to "Provide appropriate 'alternate text' for all images"
    • 10.1 - Added radio buttons to the What section.
    • 11.1 - Added "Do not include unnecessary columns or rows for formatting" to the How section.
    • 11.2 - Added "Do not include unnecessary columns, rows, colspans, or rowspans for formatting" to the How section.
    • 12.1 - Changed "Provide titles for frames" to "Provide concise, unique, and understandable titles for frames"
    • Added links from Standards to Implementation Guidelines
  • re-organized the IITAA web site
  • posted the final IITTA Standards
  • posted the final IITAA Implementation Guidelines for Web-based Information and Applications
  • posted the IITAA Procurement Recommendations


  • Outstanding IITAA Implementation Guidelines issues will be posted on the web site for consideration when we revise the standards (required within the next three years).
  • New state web templates are on the horizon. We should make contact with the State CIO to ensure that accessibility is considered from the beginning. Robert Daniel (DHS MIS) will contact Greg Wass (State CIO) to discuss.
  • How will we confirm that vendor's products really are accessible? We need to evolve into a system. Probably a phased approach is most realistic: write requirements, evaluate responses/create "cheat sheets" for evaluators, and give guidance on testing for each area of the standards. We will watch where problems are occurring, collect information, and ask legislators to establish authority and resources for evaluation and testing.
  • We will post a link to the IITAA web site on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (IPB) web site to help vendors be aware of and understand the requirements.
  • Clearly note that the IITAA Implementation Guidelines for Web-based Information and Applications replace the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards.
  • An IITAA Informational Meeting will be held in February in Chicago and Springfield. See the IITAA web site for details.
  • We are working on a memo to all State Agency directors and state university presidents to announce the IITAA and notify them of the informational meeting. We hope to send the letter by the end of this week.

Next Meeting

The next IITAA Workgroup Teleconference will be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at the Hay-Edwards Building, Room 325, 400 W Lawrence, Springfield from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM. The teleconference number is 1-800-930-8829. The passcode is 9125949#. If you need a special accommodation, please email dhs.accessibility@illinois.gov.