FCM Development Screenings Report

The report descriptions are made for the people who are working in the Cornerstone system, it explains what screens and fields affect this report.

Tabular Description of FCM Development Screening Report (pdf)


FCM Develoment Screenings

FCM Development Screening

Report Item: Total (12 months)

  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Enrollment (PA03)
    • Data Field - Date Birth
    • Selection Criteria - Total number of infants who have had a birthday, at some point in the quarter being examined.

Report Item: Screen (count and percent)

  • Data Entry Screen - Service Entry (SV01)
    • Data Field - Service Type, Developmental Screen Indicator
    • Selection Criteria - A count of infants (who met the criteria above) with a developmental screen. An infant will be counted as having a "screen" if this event occurred within the prior year. The infant can receive an actual service code of "824".
  • Data Entry Screen - Program Information (PA15)
    • Data Field - Program code, program status, category code, income proof code
    • Selection Criteria - Participant must be active in FCM at any time during the quarter.
  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Duplicate Resolution (PA22)
    • Data Field - Participant ID
    • Selection Criteria - Eliminate duplicates