Governor Rod Blagojevich Announces The Safety Net Works Initiative

The Safety Net Works Initiative...Not One Life to Lose

The Safety Net Works initiative will help stop the tragic loss of life and hope experienced by too many young people in Illinois. The Safety Net Works will bring State and community resources together to help young people residing in targeted communities enhance their opportunities for positive development into healthy adulthood. Existing community services and new, innovative community strategies will be implemented and coordinated to make the targeted communities safer places for youth to grow, thrive, and be positively engaged in their community. The Safety Net Works will address a broad spectrum of individual, family and community factors that build strengths and resiliencies and reduce risks.

The Safety Net Works will be driven at the local level by a broad-based community Coalition organized within each of the target communities. Coalitions will develop and implement priority action strategies tailored to their community needs, coordinate local resources to achieve coalition goals, and engage youth in activity planning and implementation. The local coalitions will be supported by a companion State level coalition of state agencies that will work together to ensure coordination of State resources and provision of technical assistance and other supports.

The Safety Net Works will be implemented in communities selected through an Application from a group of specific communities within Illinois counties and Chicago Community Areas that are eligible to apply to participate in The Safety Net Works. These eligible communities were identified based on an examination of community and youth risk indicators, and considerations of geographic distribution throughout the state.

The Safety Net Works Framework, Application, Notice of Informational Meetings and Violence Prevention Resource List are posted on the DHS website at the following link: