GRF Walk to DHS FY08 Introduced Budget

All Numbers in Thousands

GRF FY07 Appropriations $3,994,177.7

Community Health & Prevention

Budget Item Amount in Thousands
Early Intervention - Funding needed to support estimated program liability. $7,000.0
CHP 3% COLA for various CHP programs $6,337.1
Alternative Youth Services Initiative $3,000.0
Expansion of Teen REACH program. $500.0
Elimination of legislative add-ons ($1,545.0)
Project Cornerstone System Development $1,700.0
African American Family Commission $159.0
Project Reality $1,200.0
Total $18,351.1

Developmental Disabilities

Budget Item Amount in Thousands
DD Long Term Care Liability Funding $9,000.0
Annualization of 200 SODC clients moved to the community in FY07 $10,000.0
Emergency CILA $3,000.0
DD Performance Review Teams $1,500.0
DD Crisis Management Services $4,367.7
DD Forensic Expansion $1,729.0
Transitional Living $5,900.0
DD Fiscal Intermediary for federal waiver $1,000.0
Transition of 125 SODC residents to community $2,150.0
Elimination of legislative add-ons ($1,248.0)
Total $37,398.7

Human Capital Development

Budget Item Amount in Thousands
Child Care SEIU Rates $31,600.0
Child Care SEIU Insurance $7,000.0
Child Care SEIU Tiered & Infrastructure $4,225.1
Child Care Center Rate Increase $21,072.8
Tiered Reimbursement for Centers $2,048.5
Child Care Lapse ($33,242.2)
Annualization of INCCRRA and CCR & R COLA $374.3
TANF Reauthorization $7,071.7
TANF Liability Adjustment ($23,450.0)
TANF Reauthorization Infrastructure and Staff $6,293.0
EBT Caseload Growth and Rate Increase $1,317.1
Food Stamp Participation Telecom Cost Increase $223.7
Elimination of legislative add-ons ($150.0) 
Total $24,384.0

Mental Health

Budget Item Amount in Thousands
MH ICG Program Liability Growth $7,000.0
MH Transportation $1,200.0
MH Adminstrative Service Organization $5,400.0
Treatment & Detention Facility Population Growth $2,685.0
SASSAR Staffing $533.0
MH Supportive Housing Expansion $3,900.0
MH Forensic Population Growth $6,646.9
MH Quality Review and Training Teams $2,693.0
MH Forensic Discharge Plan $1,702.3
Total $31,760.2

Rehabilitation Services

Budget Item Total in Thousands
Home Services - Additional dollars support caseload growth, annualization of FY07 clients and Personal Assistants wage increase. $42,299.8
CIL 3% COLA $279.0
CILs Formula Funding $2,000.0
Lekotek 3% COLA $19.5
Elimination of legislative add-ons ($1,475.0)
Total $43,123.3

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Budget Item Amount in thousands
ATR-Recovery Support Services  $750.0
Homeless MISA $351.0
Total $1,101.0

Administration /Program Support

Budget Item Amount in Thousands
MIS Provider Claiming System, Human Services Delivery Framework, and EDP Equipment $3,000.0
Medications for Facilities $1,348.7
New Americans Integration Services $1,692.3
Central Admin Program Support $250.0
Medicare Part D Implementation $1,400.0
Eliminate Add-On Lump Sums ($7,176.0)
Total $515.0

Overall Program Annualizations

Budget Item Amount in Thousands
Collective Bargaining Agreements $22,966.2
Recipient Identification Number Funding $468.5
Assets For Independence $250.0
Electric and Postage Rate Increases $1,382.8
Total $25,067.5

FY08 GRF Budget Request $181,700.8 $4,175,878.5