Office of Community & Positive Youth Development

This Office is responsible for the oversight and administration of the Department's Youth Services System. Federal, State and General Revenue funded grant programs are implemented in partnership with local and statewide community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, education system partners, county and local government organizations, and various community partnerships. The Department's Youth Services System is comprised of primary prevention; intervention; and diversion programs all intended to ensure the safe and healthy growth and the development of Illinois' youth and emerging adults, ages 6 through 24, and their families.

The Bureau of Positive Youth Development is responsible for administering population-based, primary prevention services intended to delay and avoid risk-taking behaviors in youth and the Bureau of Youth Intervention Services is responsible for administering Intervention and Diversion services targeting youth at-risk of involvement in the child welfare and/or juvenile justice systems.

The investments being made in this area are intended to achieve the following outcomes:

  • ensure the safety of youth;
  • reunify, stabilize and preserve families;
  • reduce homelessness among youth;
  • support and encourage academic achievement;
  • prevent substance use, teen pregnancy and delinquent behavior;
  • decrease risk factors and increase protective factors in youth;
  • reduce juvenile incarceration; and
  • divert youth at risk of involvement in the child welfare, and juvenile justice systems.