PM 15-08-15-b: Meeting Spenddown with Pay-in Option

WAG 15-08-15-b

Payments may be made by money order, cashier's check, credit or debit Visa or MasterCard. Personal checks will not be accepted and will be returned to the client. Clients, or anyone paying on their behalf, must complete the bottom of the Pay-in Spenddown Statement, form HFS 458SP-5, and mail it with their payment(s) to: Spenddown Payment/Fiscal Operations, P.O. Box 19141, Springfield, Il 62794-9141.

Only the Pay-in Spenddown Unit and Exception Processing Unit (EPU) can meet spenddown using the Pay-in option. Clients with questions or who want to discuss their options may call the Health Benefits Hotline: 1-800-226-0768 (TTY 1-866-675-8440). The call is free.