WAG 15-08-15-b: Meeting Spenddown with Pay-in Option

PM 15-08-15-b

Pay-in payments received by the HFS Bureau of Fiscal Operations (BFO) will be posted in the Programmatic and Administrative Accounting System (PAAS) as a receivable for the applicable month(s). The Pay-in Spenddown Unit will receive a daily report that lists all payments received the previous day.

When a Pay-in payment is received:

  1. (Pay-in Spenddown Unit worker) Uses expense type 8 or 9 in ASDS to enter the amount(s) received and the month(s) for which the payments are to be applied and completes a Form 514 case write-up in ACM.
    ACM/ASDS Pay-in Spenddown Expense Codes
    Code 8 Pay-in payment made to meet income spenddown
    Code 9 Pay-in payment includes an amount to meet asset spenddown
  2. (System) Applies expense type 8 and type 9 payments after all other types of expenses and carryovers are used. Any excess is carried over.
  3. (System) If ASDS indicates that the Pay-in case is connected to a companion case, ASDS applies the payment to the companion case. This transaction generates Item 80 code 385 PSM on the case enrolled in Pay-in Spenddown.
  4. (System) When the month met is the current processing month, or if multiple future months are met, the TA 31 centrally generated by ASDS will add or update the following codes:
    • Item 80 code 389 PSL with the total paid-in amount used to meet spenddown (minus any amount used for a month prior to the processing month) and the date of the last month for which spenddown is met,
    • Item 80 code 383 PSF with the date of the first month a paid-in amount is to be applied and the paid-in amount being used to meet spenddown,
    • Item 80 code 385, if ASDS detects a companion case,
    • Item 80 code 386, if payment includes an amount to meet asset spenddown (expense type 9),
    • Item 80 code 390 SPD to reflect code 3 (spenddown met) and the monthly spenddown amount,
    • Item 80 code 392 AST to zero, and
    • Item 80 code 396 E SPD with the date of the last month of met spenddown.
  5. (System) When the month(s) met is prior to the current processing month, ASDS will generate a TA 55 for each month being met prior to the current processing month and update Item 80 codes 389 PSL and 392 AST, as well as codes 386 PSA and 385 PSM, if appropriate.
  6. (System) The 458SP-1 client notice will automatically print in the Pay-in Spenddown Unit.
  7. (System) At cutoff for Schedules 00 and 22, the system will check whether spenddown is met for the current processing month. If so, the amount in Item 80 code 389 will be reduced by the payment amount used to meet spenddown.

Example: Ms. Slate will need medical coverage for June, July and August 2009 and decides to pay-in for those months. Her monthly spenddown is $200. On 05/27/09, BFO receives her payment of $600 with her statement requesting that her payment be used for June, July and August 2009.

On 05/28/09, Ms. Slate's payment appears on the list of payments received the previous day. The Pay-in Spenddown worker confirms that the case is active. He enters the payment amount in ASDS using expense type 8 for the selected months. Form 458SP-1 is generated.

Since the cutoff for the 06/09 processing month has passed, ASDS generates two transactions, TA 55 for 06/09 and TA 31 for 07/09 and 08/09. The following Item 80 codes will appear on the 552:

Code Item Abbrev Amount Persons Total Cost Sup. By
383 PSF 200.00 07/09
387 PSE 05/09
389 PSL 400.00 08/09
390 SPD 200.00 3
392 AST 00.00
396  E SPD 08/09

The total in code 389 was decreased by the $200 used to meet 06/09 spenddown. At schedule cutoffs for 07/09 and 08/09 the system will determine that spenddown is met for the processing months, and code 389 will be updated to $200 effective 07/09, and $00 effective 08/09.

Note: Form HFS 458SP-1 will include information about the Pay-in payment received and any available amount left from the payment.