PM 15-08-15-a: Enrollment in Pay-in Spenddown

WAG 15-08-15-a

Only the central Pay-in Spenddown Unit can enroll clients in the Pay-in Spenddown option.

Revised textPay-in Spenddown Enrollment Form, HFS 458SP-4, and Pay-in Spenddown Facts, HFS 3711H, are centrally mailed to the following clients if they meet the criteria:

  • newly approved clientsdeleted text,
  • clients who are newly enrolled in spenddown, and
  • clients for whom a redetermination is reported deleted textwho are not already enrolled.

Transfer actions and quick reinstatements deleted textare excluded. A pre-paid stamped return envelope is included with the enrollment form. To enroll, the client must return the completed and signed enrollment form to: Pay-in Spenddown Unit, PO Box 19161, Springfield, IL 62794-9161.