Urban Systems Of Care

Urban Systems of Care (USC) is a community-based outreach, advocacy and support program designed to address specific needs of the most under served urban populations residing in public housing. USC is a bridge to mental and social services and utilizes a strength based approach to assist children and adolescents and their families. USC addresses social and environmental issues that negatively impact on positive mental health, and other issues that if not addressed, may ultimately lead to more serious health demands.

USC addresses the complex needs of families in non traditional innovative ways by utilizing community resources and strengths. Providers of USC services work in collaboration with community leaders and other stakeholders. USC local service sites identify children and adolescents who are in need of mental health services or are at risk for needing mental health services. Consumers are linked to local mental health providers for ongoing clinical therapies or psycho pharmacological services. USC programs provide culturally appropriate mental health services that include outreach, assessment, advocacy, and assistance with coordination of services from multiple social service agencies.