Community Intervention Services

Community Intervention services are provided within the community and focus on the community and its residents.

Services include case finding to identify individuals in need of services (including in-reach and outreach) to targeted populations or individuals not admitted to treatment. Outreach is the encouragement, engagement or re-engagement of at-risk individuals into treatment through community institutions such as churches, schools and medical facilities (as defined by the community) or through DHS consultation. In-reach is the education of community institutions, state agencies and social services staff regarding the screening and referral of at-risk individuals to treatment programs for the purpose of clinical assessment.

Anticipated outcomes of community intervention services include an increased awareness, community "ownership" and a connection between the service system and community institutions. Service visibility and access to services will increase for all populations, particularly those earlier in their "problem use" as the general public becomes more aware of alcohol and other drug use and problem gambling symptoms and treatment resources.