PM 06-26-01 Application Process

WAG 06-26-01

Applicants can apply for Family Planning services via an opt-in application process or by a standalone application process.

Family Planning applications adhere to the same processing times as other non-disability medical applications (45 days).


Customers newly applying must select 'Yes' to both Healthcare coverage and the Family Planning program to opt-in when applying for full medical. Each individual included on the application may opt-in or not. Customers are able to do this via paper applications or ABE.

An opt-in application will be first assessed for full medical coverage eligibility. If applicant is not eligible for full medical coverage, or is approved for a spenddown medical coverage case, the applicant would then cascade into a Family Planning determination.

Customers already receiving medical benefits who did not opt-in to Family Planning at time of application may do so before their case redetermination by requesting through their local office or at time of redetermination by selecting the FP opt-in option on the redetermination form. Adding Family Planning opt-in ensures existing customers will be assessed for FP if they lose full coverage.


A standalone application occurs when an individual applying selects "Yes" to Family Planning and "No" to Healthcare Coverage. Only determine eligibility for Family Planning services when the applicant is not requesting full healthcare coverage.

Family Planning Response = Not Provided

Applications submitted before the program started did not offer the option of applying for Family Planning. When the application does not contain the Family Planning option, select 'Not Provided' on the "Register Program-Program" page in IES. This includes paper applications and addition requests without the option listed.

If an electronic application is received which does not contain an option to apply for Family Planning, IES will automatically code the program request to the value 'Not Provided'. If a paper application is received in which the Family Planning services question was left blank, use the 'Not Provided' value in IES for Family Planning. The value 'Not Provided' is equivalent to a 'No' for program request. Individuals will not be determined for Family Planning eligibility when 'Not Provided' is selected.

Application Signature Requirements

Family Planning standalone and opt-in applications should follow standard medical application signature requirements.  Please see PM 02-04-03: Who Signs the Application for more information.