IITAA Standards Workgroup Meeting Minutes - 9/26/2007


  • Patrick Beaird, CMS
  • Ray Campbell, Chicago Lighthouse & IL Council of the Blind
  • Richard Chamberlain, WIU
  • MaryLou Grunwald, NFB of Illinois
  • Byron Lee, NFB of Illinois
  • Barry Levine, American Council of the Blind
  • Jamie McCoy, DHS MIS
  • Mike Nooner
  • Janet Peters, Great Lakes ADA Center
  • Kevin Price, UIC
  • Bill Reif, NFB of Illinois
  • William Richard, IATP
  • Melissa Romanotto, DHS DRS
  • Ron Sanderson, CMS
  • Susie Saputo, DHS MIS
  • Mike Scott, DHS DRS
  • Gene Walker, DHS DRS
  • Terrence Wright, IOES
  • Martha Younger-White, CAWS

9/19 Meeting Review

At the 9/19 meeting we discussed:

  • using the Section 508 standards for software applications & operating systems, audio, video & multimedia, most self-contained devices, and desktop & portable computers.
  • using IWAS 1.8 (with some additional updates) for internet & intranet systems
  • possibly using the Telecommunications Act Accessibility Standards for telecommunications products
  • possibly using the Trace Center's EZ-Access guidelines for kiosks
  • reviewing other states' standards

Experts Working with Other States

Since the last meeting we have had some discussion with Janet Peters of Great Lakes ADA Center, Deborah Buck of the Association of Technology Act Programs, and Diane Golden of the Missouri Assistive Technology Office. They gave the following advice:

  • other states are struggling with or ignoring their laws
  • there are no great models. Diane shared their experiences in Missouri.
  • focus on incremental successes
  • capitalize on our three year review provision
  • cautioned us against going beyond 508 (a standard that no vendors can meet)

Comments, Suggestions, and Questions

  • Where do we start? How are we going to prioritize?
  • Suggestion to start with kiosks and other public access devices.
  • What is the status of including vendors or screen reader manufacturers?

    We are having that discussion, but have yet to receive a definitive answer from DHS Legal on how involved vendors can be. We still can reach out to and ask question of screen reader manufacturers.

  • Suggestion to look at GW Micro's guidelines for developers and IBM's developer guidelines
  • We have started reaching out the both State & DHS procurement officers.
  • Will these standards apply to state contractors?

    Yes, anything they develop for or sell to the State must meet the standards. However, like Section 508, incidental IT (for example, project management software used by the contractors, but not delivered to the State) would not need to meet the standards.

    The law is all about increasing accessibility to state services.

Next Steps

  • Preliminary first draft
    • will be posted on the web site on Wednesday, October 3rd
    • participants then will have one week to email comments or questions to dhs.accessibility@illinois.gov.
  • face-to-face, technical meeting hosted by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to work on IWAS revision (focusing on scripting). Date is to be determined.
  • Next meeting: An IITAA Workgroup Teleconference to discuss the preliminary first draft will be held on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at Hay-Edwards Building, Room 325, 400 W Lawrence, Springfield from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM. The teleconference number is 1-800-930-8829. The passcode is 9125949#. If you need a special accommodation, please email dhs.accessibility@illinois.gov two weeks in advance.