Attachment 21 - Getting Members Started Checklist

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Attachment 21 - Getting Members Started Checklist (pdf)

Serve Illinois: Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service

AmeriCorps Getting Members Started Checklist

Plan and Conduct Member Orientation and Training

This is a critical part of the AmeriCorps experience. At the orientation, Members should gain more in-depth knowledge about your particular program, learn about the bigger picture of national service, and receive training on specific skills they'll need to perform on their service. Programs should also review Member expectations in detail by going through the member contract, prohibited activities, etc. Contact your Program Officer to notify them of the orientation schedule so they may attend. See the orientation check list for a more detailed list of mandated topics.

Group Photo

During the Member orientation, please take a group picture of Members and staff. Please send an electronic copy of the photo to your Program Officer. In addition, please have ALL Members sign a publicity release form and keep a copy in the Member file.

Background checks

Background criminal record checks are required for Members or grant-funded employees who have access to children or individuals considered to be vulnerable by State Law. Programs must document the results of the background check and keep a copy of the results in the Member file.

Child Care

Child care must be offered to full-time Members who need such assistance in order to participate. See Chapter 3 of the 2008-09 Program Director Manual

Vital Records

If an individual does not have a copy of their birth certificate, he/she needs to obtain one.

Enrollment Form

Have each Member complete and sign the National Service Trust Enrollment Form. Keep the original in the member's file and complete the online version in WBRS. WBRS automatically submits the form to the National Service Trust. You can find a copy of this form by visiting Click on "Download: Enrollment and Exit Forms.

Forbearance Request Form

The federal education Loan Forbearance Request form is used to request the postponement of repayment of qualified loans. This form can be found at: Forbearance Request Form (pdf) or through the My AmeriCorps Portal.

Health Insurance

Make sure you have health insurance for all eligible Members.

Member Contract

Before Members begin their service, they must sign a Member contract that is specific to their program. Many programs go over the contract at the orientation. One copy should be given to the Member, one should be kept in the Member file and one should be given to the host site supervisor.

Other Member Forms and Handouts

Publicity Release Form, Drug-Free Workplace Act, Position Description, Member Handbook, Tax Forms, etc.

Member Files

Documentation of member information is an essential part of record keeping. Creating a system at the beginning of the year will help you in quickly accessing the date you need. See the Member File Checklist for a detailed list of required documentation.

Service Gear

Grant funds may be used to pay for a standard Service Gear package (AmeriCorps T-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, pin, etc.) for Members. The Commission urges Programs to provide this package to Members.

Materials for Members

Order or download free materials for your members at the National Service Resource Center. For example, you can order the AmeriCorps Member Handbook, Next Steps; Life After AmeriCorps, and tutoring guides.