Attachment 20 - Administrative and Financial Systems Checklist

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Attachment 20 - Administrative and Financial Systems Checklist (pdf)

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AmeriCorps Administrative & Financial Systems Checklist

OMB Circulars

Agencies receiving federal funding should have on hand and be familiar with the federal government's Office of Management and Budget Circulars. The ones that you should review are A-110, A-122 and A-133.

Set up an AmeriCorps Account

The AmeriCorps account must be a separate account or have a separate account number. All Corporation grant awards must be tracked separately. Devise a system to reconcile the grantee budget with the approved Corporation budget in the award.

Track In-Kind Services

You are responsible for tracking in-kind services from partners and from your own agency. This includes donated items as well as staff time.

Track Cash Match

A system must be developed to track your cash match. Your program is expected to meet your Member costs match each quarter and operating cost match by the end of the program year.

Track Member Service Hours

You must document Member hours through signed time and attendance records that track hours either by week or biweekly and separate education/training, fundraising hours, and service hours. This information is entered into WBRS.

Track Staff Time

You must have signed individual time distribution records for program staff members who will be charged to the grant (in whole or in part) that allow you to identify all of their time and that segregate costs chargeable to the grant (distinguishing between administrative and programmatic functions) and costs not chargeable to the grant (such as organizational fundraising).

Disbursement of Stipends

Members must receive their stipends in equal installments over the term of service. The stipend is not dependent on the number of hours worked in any service period. Remember that the stipend is taxable.

Liability Insurance

Programs must have sufficient liability insurance to protect the organization, employees, and Members. Members engaged in both on and off site project activities must be covered. You should review your current policies to ensure they cover non-employees in special statuses, such as Members.