Section 6.0 - Technical Assistance - Purpose

Illinois Department of Human Services
Bureau of Youth Intervention and Services

6.0 - Technical Assistance - Purpose

Revised Date: July 2013

The Teen REACH program is under the auspices of the Bureau of Youth Intervention Services. A vital part of the IDHS mission is to work in partnership with communities. Thus, IDHS has designated key staff to offer technical assistance to Teen REACH providers on an on-going basis.

6.1. Teen REACH Program Staff

Revised Date: July 2013

Teen REACH program staff creates the design and fundamental principles of the program, establish program guidelines for operations and performance standards, develop specific training for program content, collect and analyze program performance and participant outcome data. Program Staff serve as a resource to Community Services Support Consultants and providers in the planning, implementation, assessment and evaluation of the program (see Appendices & Forms).

6.2. Community Support Services Consultant

Revised Date: July 2013

Community Support Services Consultant works to maximize local resources, and service integration, and quality service delivery. Each Teen REACH provider is assigned a CSSC, who will work collaboratively with Teen REACH program staff, using their input to optimize program implementation (see Appendices & Forms).

6.3. Regional Meetings

Revised Date: July 2013

Bureau of Youth Intervention Services and Regional Meetings offer an additional forum for technical assistance. Each program is required to send a representative to attend these meetings. Programs will be held responsible for information disseminated at Bureau meetings.

6.4. Training Opportunities

Revised Date: July 2013

Training and Technical Assistance - Programs must agree to receive consultation and technical assistance from authorized representatives of the Department. The program and collaborating partners will be required to be in attendance at site visits by Department staff. Programs will be required to attend regular meetings and specific trainings as required by the Department and should plan accordingly. It is anticipated that this will include several regional meetings, approximately two trainings, and one (overnight) statewide conference.

Training opportunities for Teen REACH program staff and program directors will be offered by the Department of Human Services, through the following entities:

  1. Prevention First: Funded by IDHS, Prevention First provides prevention training, consultation and information services relative to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use. The trainings offered furthers professional development in the area of prevention, and courses offer pre-approved continuing education units through the state's certification board. Prevention First's Lura Lynn Ryan Lending Library makes more than 10,000 prevention titles available to communities across Illinois. (
  2. Youth Network Council (YNC): From its inception in 1972, YNC has been supporting local youth serving organizations and enhancing their capacity through a multifaceted program of training; technical assistance; information dissemination; public education; state regional, national, and international networking; service brokerage; policy development; legislative advocacy; exposure to myriad opportunities which are not otherwise available at the local level. (
  3. Illinois After-school for Children and Teens Now Coalition (ACT NOW): ACT NOW was created to serve as a vehicle for individuals, organizations, and systems to work together to ensure that all young people in Illinois have access to quality, affordable after-school programs; and provide quality after school programs that includes networking and network coordination advocacy, technical assistance/training, evaluation, and research. (
  4. eCornerstone Web Teen REACH: A link is provided on the eCornerstone website connecting providers to a web-based training on use of eCornerstone for Teen REACH programs.

Links & Resources

Program administration and reporting forms, individual file forms, and general program information and resources, are available by calling the Bureau of Youth Intervention Services, Teen REACH at (217) 557-2109 and/or on the DHS Website at