August 14, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Teleconference August 16, 2006

Members Present and Affiliation

  • Billingham, David with Maine Center, Inc.
  • Bollensen, Linda with DHS/DMH
  • Burson, Katherine with DHS/DMH
  • Carmichael, Terry with CBHA
  • Day, Linda with Elm City Center
  • Dennison, Rusty with Parker Dennison & Associates (PDA)
  • Eagleton-Helmy, Heather with IARF
  • Elbin, Susan with DCFS/IPI
  • Felder, Tom with DCFS
  • Ferguson, Denis with Alexian Center for Mental Health
  • Ferguson, Sheila with MHC of Champaign County
  • Fraser, Ginnie with Thresholds
  • Herman, Kristy with Infant Parent Institute
  • Kauffman, Charlotte with DHS/DMH
  • King, David with Infant Parent Institute
  • Kopel, Frank with Healthcare and Family Services
  • Lietz, Cheryl CHAIR Dewitt County Human Resource Center
  • Manker, Jackie with DHS/DMH
  • McCann, Karey with Ounce of Prevention
  • Piersall, Marvin with DHS/DMH
  • Reedy, Patricia with DHS/DMH
  • Schmitz, Mark with Transitions of Western Illinois
  • Schoening, Jan with Child Care Association of IL
  • Seitzer, Bruce with C4
  • Sparlin, Brent Advocate IL Masonic Med Center
  • Starin, Amy with DHS/DMH
  • Swanson, Vivienne with Robert Young Center
  • Venskus, John with Perry County Counseling
  • Wood, Sandy with Bridgeway

Meeting Minutes

  1. Roll Call
  2. State Plan Amendment Update: Frank Kopel reported that HFS has received an email dated July 28th that contained 15 questions regarding our amendment submission. This was done on an informal basis. HFS will request that this be made formal. Twelve of the questions regarded services and three regarded reimbursement. HFS will share with DMH and PDA. The timeframe is still on target.
  3. Rule 132 Revision: Linda Bollensen reported that the revised Rule is currently being reviewed by DHS Executive Staff. Their signatures are needed and deadline is August 18th. After this it goes to the Governor's Office for their approval before filing. This could take up to 30 days. It is the intent of the DMH to post a draft on the Internet once DHS Executive approval has been received. This is for review only. DMH will not accept comments except during the formal comment period outlined by statute. Stakeholders will be notified through their Regional Offices when the draft is posted.
  4. Revised Rule 132 Interdepartment Implementation Plan: Copy of this plan was distributed for review. Participants were asked to submit any questions or comments to Jackie Manker (project lead) by Aug. 31st. One activity that DMH is starting is a clinical and fiscal analysis of ACT and Community Support Team. The purpose is to 1) test the clinical assumptions and impact and 2) test fiscally soundness of rates. The end product will be modeling tools to assist all ACT agencies in evaluating which service best meets the needs of their consumers and agency. Three agencies have agreed to participate: Delta Center, Janet Wattles and Thresholds. Site visits will be held in September and October 2006.
  5. Residential Subgroup Update:
    1. LOCUS Pilot Report: This was distributed for review. Overall the pilot was a huge success with nearly 800 LOCUS being completed by 29 agencies during 60-day trial period. Agencies reported that the tool was helpful in assisting in determination of level of care. Feedback for statewide training was given and this is being planned for October 2006. It was the recommendation from the Pilot Group that training occurs prior to the requirement (anticipated April 2007) so that agencies can become proficient in its use prior to the requirement. Cheryl Lietz asked if agencies that do not have supervised or crisis residential could participate in the training, as the LOCUS tool would be useful in other services as well. Approximately 80 providers will be required to utilize the LOCUS as part of Supervised Residential, Crisis Residential or PAS/MH, which represents over 50% of the network. DMH will consider this request if physical space allows. Alternatives could be additional training sessions via consultants or state/provider resources.
    2. Residential Rehabilitative Support Service Definition: This was distributed for review. The Residential Subgroup drafted this definition. Director Jones has indicated that this definition will be put on hold until DMH develops a vision for a continuum of services that includes Permanent Supported Housing.
    3. Crisis Residential Service Definition: The Director has asked that the Residential Subgroup draft a Crisis Residential definition. A subgroup of providers with crisis residential services has agreed to develop a draft of this. Meeting scheduled for Sept. 14th.
    4. Permanent Supported Housing: Consultants from the Technical Assistance Collaborative (Ann O'Hare and Steve Day) are working with the state to make recommendations for strategies to increase Permanent Supported Housing in Illinois.
  6. Consumer Focus Group Report: Parker Dennison has facilitated a small group of DMH staff in the development of this report. Participants were asked to review and offer comments to Jackie Manker through August. 31st.
  7. Future Activities of the Services Workgroup: Work is scheduled to begin on the Revised Rule 132 Interdepartment Implementation Plan today and it is anticipated that activities that fall under auspices of the Services Workgroup will be identified. Next meeting will be scheduled when need arises.

Minutes recorded by Jackie Manker, DMH, Aug. 21, 2006