for TANF Providers

Effective September 2007, Work and Training Contractors were required to complete the Responsibility and Services Plan Attendance and Activity Reports in a Portable Document Format (PDF) and submit them electronically to the Department of Human Services (DHS) database.

Responsibility and Services Plan Attendance and Activity Report is a case management tool designed to help Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) caseworkers and Work and Training Contractors correctly track and document attendance and participation levels of each TANF customer who is engaged in a work and training activity.

Please note

  • Reports are due to be submitted to the DHS database by the close of business on Tuesday of every week.
  • FCRC caseworkers are responsible for retrieving documents from the DHS database, reviewing them for accuracy, and submitting them to the customer database, within 48 hours of the document being posted to the DHS database.

Timely electronic submittal of documents will assure that a copy of the form is available for case management visits, audits, other reviews; and, assures that the customer database contains current information about the customer's work and training activities.