Community Reporting System (ROCS)

DHSCRS - ROCS Software

The Department of Human Services Community Reporting System (DHSCRS) otherwise known as ROCS software application is a PC-based system designed to be used for collecting and submitting required data to the Department of Human Services (DHS) by those community providers who have contracted with the Department to provide services for individuals.

Provider Requirements

  1. Before requesting the ROCS application you must be an active provider with the Division of Developmental Disability or Division of Mental Health.

Forms:  Request FTP Provider ID and User ID by completing and submitting the following forms.

Major ROCS Software Changes

Providers using Third Party software should ensure system updates.  User information .

The Division of Developmental Disabilities will continue to provide notifications to the field regarding advancements and programming changes which will directly impact the billing of services.

Computer Requirements

  • ROCS software version 6.05 and higher is compatible with 64-bit operating systems such as Windows 10 and 11 Professional.  Only the Professional versions are supported.
    NOTE: The new versions 6.02 and higher will require a license key.  You must contact our office for assistance in the installing of the new version.  We prefer to assist you with the installation of the software and will schedule a time that we can do that.  Most of these installations take about an hour to complete.  Please email the account and schedule a time for the installation/upgrade of your software.
  • Home versions of these operating systems are not supported.
  • For more information send an email message to
  • MAC computers are NOT supported.

ROCS Software Installation and Manual

Third Party Software Users

ROCS Assistance

  • Technical Assistance for using ROCS (examples and instructions on completing the various Client Information, Provider Information and Billing screens)
  • Contact the ROCS Technical Support (email us if you need further assistance)

Mobius Document Direct Mobius Reports Listing and Instructions

eRIN (Electronic Recipient Identification Number)

Assistance for Division of Developmental Disabilities Providers

updated 3/21/2024