Community Support Services

For the Illinois Department of Human Services, the State of Illinois is divided into five (5) regions.  Each region has an assigned Regional Administrator (RA) and numerous Community Support Services Consultants (CSSC).  Together, the RAs and the CSSCs partner with community-based agencies to support and enhance service delivery at the local level by:

  1. performing required program reviews, thus assuring effective and accountable services;
  2. acting as linkages between the communities and the Division's bureaus and programs; and
  3. providing programmatic technical assistance as needed to local programs in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of clients and communities.

CHP Regions

  • Region 1 - Hector Tellez, Administrator
  • Region 2 - Hector Tellez, Administrator
  • Region 3 - Theresa Doerr, Acting Administrator
  • Region 4 - Theresa Doerr, Acting Administrator
  • Region 5 - Theresa Doerr, Acting Administrator

Regional Administration

DHS Provider Helpline

1-800-804-3833 / 1-877-434-1082