Administered by: Illinois Department of Public Health

The Serve Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service (Serve Illinois) provides assistance to volunteers, volunteer organizations, governmental agencies and the public at large through a variety of activities.

  • Hosting the Serve Illinois Volunteer Opportunity Portal; which lists over 68,000 volunteer opportunities in Illinois
  • Promoting State, National, and Global days of Service
  • Enhancing volunteerism and service through awards and other recognition opportunities such as volunteer appreciation certificates
  • Providing individuals and agencies/organizations with informational materials such as Serve Illinois newsletters, brochures, and fact sheets
  • Working with volunteer managers to increase the number of individuals volunteering and involved in their communities
  • Assisting in training and professional development for volunteer managers
  • In collaboration with other agencies/organizations, co-sponsoring conferences and trainings throughout the state
  • Assisting volunteer centers to increase services and number of persons and communities served

For more information, please visit Serve.Illinois.gov