Community Youth Services (CYS)

Administered by: Bureau of Positive Youth Development  Program Administrator:  Thurman Byrd

The Community Youth Services (CYS) grant program implements a systematic community planning approach for preventing violence and delinquency among Illinois youth who are 11 to 24 years of age. To strengthen communities and ensure youth reach their greatest potential, the approach seeks to improve the health and safety of youth by addressing underlying risk factors and conditions that increase the likelihood of youth engagement in unhealthy or risky behaviors. Community residents are organized into committees and charged with developing and implementing strategies, activities, and services intended to prevent delinquency and violence. The CYS program focuses on a comprehensive approach addressing community engagement; youth voice; connections to existing health, employment and human services; family communication and supervision of youth; life skills development; college and career preparation; parental expectations of their youth; and advocacy strategies to improve physical environments impacting violence and delinquency including school climate.