Plan of Correction Criteria

Your agency is required to submit a Plan of Correction (POC) to the Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure and Certification (BALC) by the due date stated on the last page of the Survey Report Form which is 30 calendar days from the date of the Notice of Violations. 

An agency that does not submit the required POC within the designated time period is considered out of compliance and subject to sanction up to and including revocation of license/certificate.

In order for a POC to be acceptable it must address not only how the individual violation has been or will be corrected, but also how the agency intends to correct the overall systemic problem(s) that resulted in the citations. Until both components are addressed, a POC will not be accepted. If BALC determines at the end of 30 days that the POC is not acceptable, it will issue written notice sent to your agency via email where possible, and by fax otherwise explaining the reason(s) that the POC is not acceptable. Failure to submit an acceptable POC will result in administrative action, which may include revocation of license/certificate. Other possible actions that may be taken include suspension of payments and termination of referrals.

When preparing your agency's response, make sure that the POC:

  • addresses how each specific citation on the Survey Report Form has been or will be corrected and by what date;
  • addresses how the agency will correct the overall systemic problem(s) which led to the specific citations, e.g., lack of supervision; lack of training; lack of internal time frame compliance monitoring;
  • gives the date(s) on which the agency will begin using each component of its POC and the date(s) on which the agency expects to show results;
  • identifies the specific staff person(s), by name, title or position, who will be responsible for each component of the POC; and
  • states how the agency will determine if the corrections are successful or need to be modified and the staff person(s) responsible for making that determination.

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