April 1, 2010 - Memo To Providers

TO: Licensed or Certified Community Provider Agencies

FROM: Cathy Cumpston, BALC

DATE: April 1, 2010

RE: Recent discussions and changes

If you have any comments or questions you can reach me at 217/557-9282 or  cathy.cumpston@illinois.gov

BALC Surveys

When BALC arrives at your agency to conduct a survey, the survey is to begin within 30 minutes. We recognize that sometimes key staff need to be found and brought together. However, if BALC surveyors are made to wait for more than one hour, the survey will be cancelled. If the survey is cancelled, licensure/certification cannot continue.

New Provider Activity

Since January 2008, the following providers have been licensed to provide CILA services:

  • Assertive Mission, Inc.
  • Community Integrated Living, Inc.
  • CuBBull, Inc.
  • Family Association Plus, Inc.
  • Martin Good Life Guild
  • Nu-Care, Inc.
  • Village Inn of Cobden, Inc.
  • Brooke Hill Management, Inc.
  • Countryside Association
  • Excellent CILA Services
  • Golden Community Living Center
  • New Life Residence
  • Soledad Social Services Corp.
  • Wabash Area Vocational Enterprises

During the same period of time, ten (10) CILA applications that were submitted were denied licensure (40% denied), and one of the newly licensed providers did not have its license renewed upon expiration of the one-year provisional license because no CILA services were being provided.

Since January 2008, the following providers have been certified to provide DT services:

  • CAM Legal and Social Services
  • Foundation for Autism Services
  • Southwest Disabilities Services and Supports
  • Cognitive Counseling Center
  • Progressive Housing

During the same period of time, two (2) DT applications that were submitted were denied certification (29% denied).

New CILA Site Inspections

Providers are asked to refrain from asking BALC to come out to inspect a new CILA site if it is not ready for individuals to move in. If BALC comes out and sees such a site, we will not approve it and will need to return for another inspection when it is ready. This often results in the site being approved later than necessary.