Dulce Quintero Headshot
Dulce M. Quintero, Secretary Designate

"Our efforts here at IDHS affect the day-to-day lives of so many throughout Illinois who depend on and benefit from the services we provide. It is an honor to work alongside so many dedicated public servants who are working for equity, dignity, access, and inclusion to make our communities a better place for all."

Executive Leadership

  • Ryan Thomas Headshot
    Ryan Thomas
    Acting Assistant Secretary of Operations
  • Kristin Chernawsky Headshot
    Kirstin Chernawsky
    Acting Assistant Secretary of Programs
  • Amanda Elliott Headshot
    Amanda Elliott
    Chief of Staff
  • John Schomberg Headshot
    John F. Schomberg
    General Counsel

Division Directors

  • David Albert Headshot
    David Albert
    Director, Division of Mental Health
  • Laura Garcia Headshot
    Laura Garcia
    Director, Division of Substance Use Prevention & Recovery
  • Rahnee Patrick Headshot
    Rahnee Patrick
    Director, Division of Rehabilitation Services
  • Bethany Patten Headshot
    Bethany Patten
    Director, Division of Early Childhood
  • Tonya Piephoff Headshot
    Tonya Piephoff
    Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Leslie Cully Headshot
    Leslie Cully
    Acting Director, Division of Family & Community Services

Statewide Offices

  • Quiwana Bell Headshot
    Quiwana Bell
    Assistant Secretary, Office of Firearm Violence Prevention
  • Christine Haley Headshot
    Christine Haley
    State Homelessness Chief, Illinois Office to Prevent & End Homelessness
  • Ali Johnson Headshot
    Ali Johnson
    Chief Olmstead Officer
  • David Jones Headshot
    David Jones
    Chief Behavioral Health Officer