All Kids/KidCare Insurance Report Description

The report descriptions are made for the people who are working in the Cornerstone system, it explains what screens and fields affect this report.

Tabular Description of All Kids/KidCare Report (pdf)


All Kids/Kids Care Insurance Report

WIC and FCM Infants and Children by Type of Insurance

Report Item: County

  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Enrollment (PA03)
    • Data Field - address
    • Selection Criteria - Participant locations are based on residential address "as of" the run date of the report.

Report Item: Count and Percent of Type of Insurance

  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Med/Insurance (PA05)
    • Data Field - type of coverage
    • Selection Criteria - Participants with 'blank' coverage type and no medicaid number and no medicaid type income proof are viewed as not having insurance
  • Data Entry Screen - Program Information (PA15)
    • Data Fields -
      • program code
      • program status
      • category code
      • income proof code
    • Selection Criteria - Participant must be active in WIC or FCM as of the run date and also be in a category code of "I" or "C"
  • Data Entry Screen - Participant Duplicate Resolution (PA22)
    • Data Field - participant id
    • Selection Criteria - Eliminate duplicates