Juvenile Justice Transportation & Jail Removal

What is the purpose of this service?

Youth under the age of 17 are not supposed to be held in an adult jail, but getting them to a detention center is difficult, so this program helps follow these rules.

Who can receive these services?

Youth (age of 17 and younger) who have been accused of a crime and need to be taken to a detention center.

What services are offered?

Transportation to a detention center for youth, 17 years of age or younger who:

  • have committed a crime,
  • are being held in an adult jail within 6 hours of the first hearing before a judge, and
  • are in need of being taken to a detention center.

How to apply?

Contact a Juvenile Justice Transportation Provider if you are:

  • a Youth
  • a Parent/Guardian
  • a Judge
  • a State's Attorney,
  • a Public Defender,
  • a Probation Department staff,
  • the County Sheriff,
  • a Municiple Law Enforcement Staff, and/or
  • a Detention Center staff.

Additional Information:

Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention