Forensic Services

Request For Information:

Like many other states, Illinois continues to experience an increase in the number of individuals found unfit to stand trial (UST) due to a mental illness, who are being referred to the state for competency restoration. The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health (DMH) has begun to look at steps we can take to more quickly and efficiently divert individuals from the criminal justice system and ensure they receive timely and effective treatment in the community rather than waiting for inpatient competency restoration services. The attached Request for Information (RFI) should help us identify strategies and program gaps that could create options for diversion.

Champaign, DuPage, Lake, McLean, Will and Winnebago Counties are the six Illinois counties that currently make the highest number of referrals to the state for competency restoration services. As a result of information shared within this RFI process with the six aforementioned counties, DHS/DMH anticipates working with 2-3 counties to develop alternative programs that could include Outpatient Restoration, Misdemeanor Diversion Programs, Jail-based Competency Restoration Programs and/or Conditional Release Programs.

We hope you'll join your local colleagues in documenting your county's experience regarding the UST population, and sharing ideas that could reduce the need for referrals and utilization of inpatient restoration services. Please forward the attached materials to all who should be involved within your county, and be sure to include them in any planning discussions you may convene or participate in. We will also have the RFI posted on the DHS website for your convenience.

Please forward any questions you may have about the RFI to Brenda Cunningham at and she will ensure that your question is forwarded to the appropriate staff person for a response.

We would like to request that this RFI response be returned to Sharon Coleman at by Noon on Monday, March 19th, 2018.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Forensic Services:

The Division of Mental Health administers and coordinates forensic mental health services for the state of Illinois. Its primary responsibility is coordinating inpatient and outpatient placement of adults and juveniles referred through the court system who are found "not guilty by reason of insanity," and those persons found "unfit to stand trial." The Division is responsible for their court-ordered treatment, secure placement, and for keeping track of these individuals when they are conditionally released into the community. The Division operates six secure adult and one secure juvenile inpatient facility for persons who have been referred through the courts for mental health reasons.

To Get Help:

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