Inpatient Services

The Division of Mental Health works in partnership with many private hospitals to meet the needs of children, adolescents, and adults in need of inpatient treatment. The Division also operates nine psychiatric hospitals for adults. The hospitals providing mental health inpatient treatment for adults are located throughout the state and work closely with the community mental health agencies and community hospital psychiatric units in their region.

The exception is Chester Mental Health Center, which provides a maximum-security treatment setting for individuals sent by the criminal courts or who are in need of more intensive behavior modification services.

Before a person is admitted to one of the hospitals, a thorough screening is done to see if there is a good alternative to hospitalization. If hospitalization is needed, a team of professionals works with the person and others the individual may want to include to develop a treatment plan.The goal is to help that person get through the crisis and move forward using community based, recovery oriented services and supports. The hospital coordinates closely with community agencies closest to the person's home to help ensure continued treatment and support after discharge from the hospital.

To Get Help

Contact the nearest Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) by

In life threatening, emergency or crisis situations call 911. Hospitals, police, and fire department personnel are trained responders to situations involving mental health issues.