Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP)

What is the purpose of this service?

To help abusers learn how to stop abusing their partners.

If You Need Help Now call the Domestic Violence Help Line

1-877-TO END DV (877-863-6338) or TTY 1-877-863-6339

Who can receive these services?

Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP) provides services for people who control their partner with:

  • physical abuse,
  • emotional abuse,
  • sexual abuse, or
  • economical abuse (money).

What services are offered?

These services are provided to try to stop abuse, by helping abusers:

  1. See that it is NOT ok to abuse their partners,
  2. Learn to take blame and credit for their actions,
  3. Learn nonviolent and non-controlling ways of communicating,
  4. Realize that partner abuse is not an anger management problem, and
  5. Find out if there are other services that the abuser needs (examples: Mental Health, Substance Abuse)

How to apply?

Call the State of Illinois Domestic Violence Help Line at:
1-877-TO END DV (877-863-6338) or 1-877-863-6339 (TTY)

Abusers may choose to join by contacting a PAIP provider or you might be told to attend by the court.

Program staff will talk to you to see if you may join or may be helped by these services.