Employment Services for Hispanic, Latino, Latina, Latinx and/or Latine People with Disabilities

What is the purpose of this service?

We help individuals with disabilities who are Hispanic/Latino obtain employment, education and training, and access a variety of community resources.

Who can receive these services?

We serve Hispanic/Latino individuals (ages 16-64) who are seeking employment. We also as assist families of eligible customers in obtaining needed services and resources.

What services are offered?

Our Spanish-speaking staff offer services that are culturally sensitive:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation assists customers in preparing for and finding quality employment.
  • Migrant Worker Rehabilitation Project serves migrant and seasonal farm workers with disabilities and their family members.
  • Hispanic/Latino Rehabilitation Project provides statewide outreach, information and referral to assist customers in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Home Services programs.
  • Leadership Development Training Program prepares Hispanic/Latino customers to serve as advocates on boards and committees.

Our staff refer customers and their families to the Home Services Program and other needed services.

Our staff also provide technical assistance and support to Hispanic/Latino communities and serve as liaisons to Hispanic/Latino organizations throughout the state.

How to apply?

Use the online Rehabilitation Services Web Referral to refer yourself or someone else for services.

We provide services in 48 local offices located in communities throughout the state. Use the DHS Office Locator and search for Rehabilitation Services to find the nearest local office or call toll-free: (800) 843-6154 (Voice, English or Español) or (866) 324-5553 (TTY).