Contract Administration

Springfield Office

600 E Ash Street, Bldg. 300 1st Floor
Springfield, IL 60703

Phone: (217) 785-9260

Phone: (217) 524-0398

Fax: (217) 524-9587

Fax: (217) 782-4135

Chicago Office

401 S Clinton Street 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607

Please send correspondence to Springfield office.

The Office of Contract Administration (OCA) consist of the Chief Accountability Officer, three Bureaus, and the Agency Wide Contracts Unit

Responsibilities of OCA:

  • Direct oversight of all IDHS contractual functions
  • Responsible for communications with all IDHS programs, facilities and divisions relating to contract processing and procedures
  • Managerial responsibilities over the process of contractual obligations.

Chief Accountability Officer: Grants Accountability and Transparency Act Unit (GATA)

  • Liaison to the Government Office of Management & Budget (GOMB) Grants Accountability and Transparency Unit (GATU).
  • Provides technical assistance and training to both Agency personnel and grantees regarding GATA statute, administrative code, administrative directives and IDHS GATA Policies and Procedures.
  • Processes Agency Requests for Deviation (Exceptions).
  • Reviews and approves Indirect Cost Rates.
  • Reviews and approves Stop Pay List Tracking System (SPLTS) records.
  • Performs a preliminary review of Merit Based Review appeals submissions.
  • Reviews, processes all IDHS program/division grantee waiver request of Stop Pay actions

Agency Wide Contracts Unit

  • Facilitates the approval and flow process for both Temporary Service Worker and Personal Services Contracts.
  • Liaison to IDHS Office of Business Services for the processing of Warehouse, and Mail Room Contracts.
  • Coordinates Statewide with all facilities and office locations for the contracting for multi-functional devices.
  • Assist IDHS administrative areas with contractual needs and training of administrative contracts process and procedures to include the BidBuy procurement process

Bureau of Obligation Management

  • Processes and files all IDHS grants, contracts, obligations, amendments, modifications and renewals.
  • Liaison to Comptroller's Office for all obligation related issues.
  • Maintains all of the official IDHS grant & contract files.
  • Provides support for the grantee in the CSA Tracking System.

Bureau of Policy & Review

  • Produces and disseminates the annual IDHS Financial Reporting Packet to Grantees/Providers.
  • Prepares audit confirmations of Grantees/Providers State and Federal funding.
  • Reviews and reconciles Audit and Consolidated Year-End Financial reports in GATA Audit Report Review Management System (ARRMS).
  • Performs all annual Grantee closeout of IDHS Grants, including all IDHS Grant Funds Recovery activities.
  • Performs desk reviews on independent audits of Medicaid Waiver providers.
  • Produces and disseminates the annual Federal Funds Summary Report to Grantees.
  • Monitors overall Financial Reporting of Grantees/Providers to determine those subject to negative payment action (SAP vendor hold or placement on the IDHS Stop Pay List) due to delinquency in reporting requirements.
  • Produce daily and monthly management reports on all IDHS contractual activities.
  • Responsible for the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)
  • Responsible for Office of Contract Administration webpages.

Bureau of Contract Compliance

  • Performs annual Fiscal & Administrative On-site Reviews of Grantees and Providers to assess fiscal and administrative compliance.
  • Performs an annual Risk Analysis of all IDHS grantees.
  • Initiates Grant Funds Recovery activities identified during Fiscal & Administrative On-site Reviews.

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