About IDHS

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The Department of Human Services is one of Illinois' largest agencies, with more than 13,000 employees.

Illinois created IDHS in 1997, to provide our state's residents with streamlined access to integrated services, especially those who are striving to move from welfare to work and economic independence, and others who face multiple challenges to self-sufficiency.

IDHS is proud of its diversity, efficiency, and the services that the agency and its community partners provide to Illinois citizens.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our vision, mission, and core values define what we stand for and believe in.

Our vision defines what we aspire towards.

Our mission statement defines what we are here to do.

Our core values are the guiding principles that shape our behavior and actions.

Our Vision

All people in Illinois achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Providing equitable access to social/human services, supports, programs and resources to enhance the lives of all who we serve.

Our Core Values

  • Human Dignity
  • Equity
  • Community Informed
  • Urgency
  • Transparency
  • Kindness

More Information

  • Rules and Policy - Up to date documents that govern the delivery of human services.
  • For IDHS, the State of Illinois is divided into 5 Regions. See the IDHS Regional Map.