WAG 28-06-01 Ordering Link Cards and PIN Packets

Authorized FCRC staff are reponsible for ordering and inventorying Link Cards and PIN Packets.

Inventory Link cards and PIN Packets regularly to maintain a month's supply. Reorder as needed. Though not required, an office with a high EBT volume may choose to userevised text Illinois Link Card Issuance and PIN Pack Log (Form 4702) on a daily and weekly basis to assist with inventory.

To make an order, complete Illinois Link Card/PIN Packet Order Form (Form 4703). Provide both the number of Link Cards and PIN Packets on hand at the time of the order, even if not ordering one or the other. Indicate the quantity of cards and/or packets requested. Fax the order to the EBT Unit at the fax number provided on the form.  The EBT Unit forwards the order to the EBT contractor. Notify the EBT Unit if the order has not been received from the EBT contractor within a week. 

Sign for a delivery of Link Cards or PIN Packets delivered by the EBT contractor. Retain the delivery forms as documentation of the delivery. Link Cards must be ordered in lots of 300 cards per tray. PIN Packets must be ordered in lots of 100.

Reconcile the delivery form with the number of boxes or envelopes delivered. Ensure that the sequence numbers on the delivery form match sequence numbers on the boxes or envelopes. Each sealed box of 300 Link Cards is labeled with a box number, and the first and last card number (PAN) in the sequence. Each sealed box or envelope of 100 PIN packets is numbered, and includes the first and last packet number (PCN) in the sequence.   

Contact the EBT Unit if there is any discrepancy with the number of units delivered, or with the sequence numbers of cards or packets.