PM 03-01-02-k: Other Noncitizen Children (All Kids)

WAG 03-01-02-k

Noncitizen children under age 19 who do not meet the immigration requirements listed in PM 03-01-02 or PM 03-01-02-j may qualify for All Kids.  The following children may qualify for All Kids Assist:

  • Children who do not have any immigration documents; and
  • Children who have expired or non-valid immigration documents.
  • Children with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

The four nonimmigrant visa classes listed below may indicate that the child is not a resident of the United States. These, these children do not meet Illinois residency requirements, Revise textunless these visas are expired, and the individual intends to remain in Illinois (self-attestation is permitted):

  • B (temporary visitor for business or pleasure)
  • C (aliens in transit)
  • D (crew members of vessels traveling into or out of the U.S.)
  • TWOV (transit without visa)

Applicants who have the visa types listed above and appeal a denial based on a claim of Illinois residency, must provide documentation of residency Revise textunless the visas are expired and the individual states their intention to remain in Illinois.

Revise textA child is an Illinois resident when the caretaker relative they live with is an Illinois resident. Children from out of state placed in foster care in Illinois under Title IV-E are Illinois residents for Medical.

Revise textIndividuals may provide verification of residence, or if homeless, self-attestation and use of the FCRC mailing address is permitted. Should guidance be required, contact HFS Bureau of Medical Eligibility Policy.