PM 03-01-02-k: Other Noncitizen Children (All Kids)

WAG 03-01-02-k

Revised textNoncitizen children under age 19 who do not meet the immigration requirements listed in PM 03-01-02 or PM 03-01-02-j may qualify for All Kids.  The following children may qualify for All Kids:

  • Children who do not have any immigration documents; and
  • Revised textChildren who have expired or non-valid immigration documents.
  • new textChildren with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

Deleted text

The four nonimmigrant visa classes listed below indicate that the child is not a resident of the United States. By definition, these children do not meet Illinois residency requirements:

  • B (temporary visitor for business or pleasure)
  • C (aliens in transit)
  • D (crew members of vessels traveling into or out of the U.S.)
  • TWOV (transit without visa)

Applicants who have the visa types listed above and appeal a denial based on a claim of Illinois residency, must provide documentation of residency. In this situation, contact HFS Bureau of Medical Eligibility Policy for guidance.