WAG 27-80-04-c: Special Program Codes

The following codes provide specific information about the case or persons in the case or are used for program monitoring.

156 DRD

Medical Barrier Date

Under SUP. BY, enter one of the following codes:

1- Chronically ill customer

2- Temporarliy ill customer

3- Family Care Barrier

P- Pending Medical/Family Care Barrier

A- Appeal of denial of Medical/Family Barrier

Under Date, if:

SUP. By = 1, 2 or 3 - enter date review is due.

SUP. By = P- enter date barrier is claimed.

SUP. By = A - enter date appeal is filed.

241 LMD

Last Month of Disqualification
(Use to disqualify a SNAP Unit member due to an IPV. See WAG 23-06-02.)

Under PERSONS, enter a 4-digit date (MM/YY) to identify the ending date of an SNAP disqualification for an IPV.

Requires changes in Item 15 and Item 23.

242 FSWS

SNAP Work Sanction
Use to sanction a SNAP unit member due to an SNAP work sanction because a member quit a job, reduced work to less than 30 hours per week, did not accept a job offer, or failed to cooperate with SNAP E&T. See WAG 03-15-08 and WAG 21-06-10 for complete coding.

Requires changes in Item 15 and Item 23.

295 RCE 

Race and Ethnic

Under Amount enter any of the following alpha characters up to 5 allowing for those who report multiple races:

N - American Indian/Alaskan Native

A - Asian

B - Black or African American

P - Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

W - White

D - Did not answer/unknown

D is only allowed if no other race choice is selected.

Enter one of the following ethnicity codes in Supplied By:

Y - Hispanic or Latino

N - Not Hispanic or Latino

D - Did not answer/unknown

A person may report their race choice but not their ethnicity; therefore, ETH may be a D if a race is chosen and Race may be a D with a Y or N in ETH.

630 EFCNT Earnfare Counter
Requires entry of Item 60 codes 453 & 454.

651 EE

(SNAP Only - Category 08)

Earnings Ended
Enter when it is reported or discovered that a client's earnings have stopped. Under PERSONS, enter the 4-digit month/year that the client received the last paycheck.

For example, client calls stating she was laid off on 01/28/98. She will receive her last paycheck on 02/02/98. Under CODE enter 651 and under PERSONS enter 02/98.

The purpose of this code is to prevent unnecessary PAL C and N code referrals.

656 EZ RD

deleted manual text

REDE Method for Cases in 12-Month Mid-Point Reporting. SUP. BY code: I means the case is in Mid-Point Reporting status.

Code 656 is centrally retained for 3 months after SNAP benefits are stopped due to the expiration of the approval period. The first month of ineligibility (4-digit MO/YR) is entered under PERSONS.

revised manual textDuring the period 01/16 through 10/16 some SNAP approval periods were extended 1-6 months to convert cases from EZ REDE status into Mid-Point Reporting status in preparation for the anticipated IES Phase 2 conversion. No 552s were produced in Mobius.

665 ADR

Address Change

Centrally entered when an address change is made using TA 31/TAR 42. One of the following codes appears in SUP. BY to identify who processed the change:

  • C - Child Support
  • E - EBT Illinois Link Helpline
  • H - HFS Customer Hotline
  • L - FCRC
  • M - U.S. Postal Service (National Change of Address) data
  • O - Bureau of Customer Support and Services
  • P - Work and Training (Employability Services or Teen Parent Services Contractor)
668 OOC 

Office Of Choice

Entered on all regular roll approvals and whenever a customer requests their case be transferred to an office that does not usually serve the area where they reside. Enter Item 80 code 668 OOC with the 4 digit month/year of the application date or the date they requested the transfer in the Persons column and the 3 digit office number of the Office of Choice in the Total Cost column.

Note: Once Item 668 OOC is entered, it can not be deleted but may be updated when the customer requests their case be transferred to another office that does not usually serve the area where they reside.