27-80-04-a: SNAP Codes

Enter the following codes and amounts when:

  • SNAP benefits are authorized on this Form 552 (Item 15 coded 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6) and
  • you are changing or correcting the amount of one or more codes.

Enter amounts as whole dollars. Cents are always entered as 00. If no amount exists for an entry, enter 0.00.

Only reenter a code(s) if the amount has changed.

The following 2 codes (abbreviations only) are for informational purposes only. They cannot be entered, changed, or deleted by the local office:

TEI - Total Earned Income

TUI - Total Unearned Income

Enter the following codes as needed to authorize SNAP benefits.

345 HC Housing Cost
348 DCC

Dependent Care Cost

Under SUP. BUY, enter the number of dependents for whom dependent care costs are paid.

349 UTIL

Utility Expense

NOTE: When reentering 349 UTIL, always reenter the required codes under PERSONS, TOTAL COST, and SUP. BY.

revised text If the indicator code under PERSONS is not correct it is centrally changed during overnight processing to the correct code:

  • 8 - Unit is categorically eligible (gross income is less than 130% of FPL for non-qualifying member units and less than 200% of FPL for qualifying member units) 
  • 9 - Unit is not categorically eligible (unit has a sanction (code 241 or 242 in Item 80) or is a qualifying member unit with income over 200% of FPL)
  • NOTE: See PM 05-07-01 for units that qualify for categorical eligibility.

Under TOTAL COST, enter the following code:

  • P - SNAP case prospectively budgeted

Under SUP. BY, enter one of the following codes for each Utility Expense entry.

  • SNAP unit with no qualifying member:
    • 1 - Air Conditioning/Heating Standard
    • 2 - No Utility Standard
    • 3 - Limited Utility Standard
    • 4 - Single Utility Standard
    • 0 - Telephone Standard
  • SNAP unit with a qualifying member:
    • 5 - Air Conditioning/Heating Standard
    • 6 - No Utility Standard
    • 7 - Limited Utility Standard
    • 8 - Single Utility Standard
    • 9 - Telephone Standard

Use of code 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 requires that:

  • at least one SNAP  unit member is age 60 or over; or
  • Item 90 contains one of the following income codes: 503, 510, 511, 514, 517, 519, or 691; or
  • an SNAP unit member receives AABD Cash, AABD Medical, P3-MA, or P3-TA.

If the SUP. BY code does not match the criteria for qualifying members, it is centrally changed during overnight processing and appears on the Batch Exception List. Correct the coding immediately upon receipt of the list and authorize a supplement, if a reduced benefit was issued due to the coding error.

352 TME

Total Medical Expenses


new textIf the medical expenses exceed $35, enter the Standard Medical Deduction in the Amount column unless the SNAP unit chooses to use actual medical expenses because they exceed the standard.The Standard Medical Deduction is:

  • $485 for residents of Group Homes/SLFs; or
  • $245 for all other SNAP units.

If the SUP. BY code for 349 UTIL is 1, 2, or 3, the required entry under AMOUNT for 352 TME is 0.00 (because the unit has no qualifying members).

new textSupplied By

For SNAP units that are entitled to a Standard Medical Deduction, code Item 80 352 SUP. By code with a G when they are receiving the Standard Medical Deduction for residents of Group Homes/SLFs or an S when they are receiving the Standard for all other SNAP units.

For SNAP units that are using actual medical expenses because expenses exceed the Standard, code an A in Item 80 352 Sup. By code.

357 NCA

Noncompliance Amount

When required, process this code via IPACS.

358 FIL

Farm Income Loss

When required, process this code via IPACS.

372 CS Child Support Deduction