27-80-01-b: Income Maintenance Needs (Cash)

Use the following codes to authorize income maintenance needs as one-month only Mercury payments:

The code applies to both RRA Cash and TANF cash, unless stated otherwise in the ITEM 80 CODE box.

100 Income Maintenance Prorate - Used only for exceptions to central prorating with TA 11, TA 12, TA 13, TA 15, TA 41, and TA 34 to add a person to the benefit unit.
120 Payment Level Amount.


(TANF Only)

Child Support Pass Through Payment - Use to replace a Child Support Pass Through payment.
125 Non-Receipt of a Budgeted Contribution - Use with Item 90 codes 518, 545, 546, 548, 551, 552, and 553.
Deleted manual reference
130 Reimbursement of Protective Payee Account.
150 Appeal Decision, Income Maintenance Payment.
155 Administrative Expense, Child Care to Attend an Appeal Hearing.
170 Issuance of gap payment due to change in fiscal month.
255 Correction of an Underpayment.


(TANF Only)

Prorated Cooperation Payment - Do not include with a Mercury request that includes other work and training codes.