27-80-01-a: Income Reduction Codes (Cash)

Use of the following Item 80 codes reduces the amount of Item 90 income used to determine eligibility and benefit amount.

The following codes reduce the amount of Item 90 income used when figuring eligibility and monthly benefit.

The code applies to both RRA Cash and TANF Cash, unless stated otherwise in the ITEM 80 CODE & ABBREV. box.



(TANF Only)

Exempt Disability Income

Parent in the case receives SSA, Railroad Retirement, or 100% VA disability benefits and remains eligible to be included in the case. See PM 08-01-07 and WAG 08-01-07. In AMOUNT, enter the amount of the disability income coded in Item 90.

Requires one of the following disability codes in Item 90: 510, 511, 514, or 517.

466 DCOS

(TANF Only)

Diverted Court Ordered Support

Court ordered support payments made by the client.

Use when the client uses a portion of their income to make court ordered support payments for a person(s) not included in the unit, which makes the income exempt. See PM 10-01-03-c.

This amount plus other diverted income cannot exceed the total amount of budgeted net income.

467 DINC

Diverted Income

Centrally entered. Shows the amount of the client's income that is applied (diverted) to the needs of ineligible/excluded family members who are not in the unit.


Educational Income

Use to show the amount of the client's income that is exempt for educational purposes. Requires code 503, 504, 510, or 511 in Item 90. The amount of the EDINC cannot exceed the total of the required Item 90 codes plus other diverted income.