27-72-00 Item 72: Work Exp.

Enter a dash for each person who:

  • receives SNAP Only (Category 08), or
  • is an RPY, or
  • receives AABD (Categories 01, 02, 03, 91, 92, and 93).

For a component SNAP member on this Form 552, enter either a dash or a code (if the information is available).

For All Kids (Categories 94 and 96), the entry of a code is allowed but not required. Do not delay processing a All Kids application if the information is not available. If the information is not known, enter a dash.

For all other persons, enter one of the following codes for each client age 16 and over and for each minor parent under age 16. Choose the code that describes, as closely as possible, the major occupation of the person. Update the information at each redetermination of eligibility.

1 None None no work experience
2 Professional, Technical Jobs for persons that require some form of specialized skill. computer operator, computer programmer, supervisor, teachers, accountant, auditor, nurse, draftsman, librarian
3 Managers, Business Owners Jobs for persons who manage a business or enterprise. transportation, trade, manufacturing, utilities, communications, insurance
4 Clerical Jobs for persons who perform office-type duties. data entry operator, stenographer, typist, secretary, cashier, teacher's aid, bookkeeper, messenger, telephone operator, office machine operator, dispatcher, attendant in office, hospital
5 Sales Jobs for persons who sell goods or services to the public. retail sales, sales clerk; insurance, real estate, telemarketer, advertising agent and sales person
6 Construction, Craftsman Jobs for persons who are skilled in or who practice a craft. automobile repair services, carpenter, brick-mason, cabinetmaker, concrete finisher, typesetter, printer, baker, painter, construction worker such as plumber, plasterer, paperhanger, mechanic, tailor, upholsterer
7 Operative Jobs for persons who operate equipment or drive machinery. factory worker, trade apprentice, switchman, laundry, dry cleaning, taxicab driver, truck or tractor driver
8 Service Jobs for persons who have a low skill level. fast food server, cashier, hair stylist, bartender, domestic help, cleaner, waiter, waitress, janitor, usher, security guard, maintenance, cleaning, car washer
9 Other Labor Blue collar jobs that require some skill level. day laborer, farm laborer, fisherman