27-71-00 Item 71: Ed. Level

Item 71 shows the educational level completed.

Enter a dash for each person who receives:

  • AABD (Categories 01, 02, 03, 91, 92, and 93); or
  • P3-MA or P3-TA (Category P3); or
  • SNAP Only (Category 08).

For a component SNAP member on this Form 552, enter either a dash or a code (if the information is available).

For TANF Cash, RRA Cash, and CGA, enter a code for each person age 16 and over and for each minor parent under age 16. Update the information at each redetermination of eligibility.

For All Kids (Categories 94 and 96) and RRA Medical (Category 90), the entry of a code is desired, but not required. Do not delay processing a All Kids application if the information is not available. If the information is not known, enter a dash.

A None
B Completed less than 7th grade
C Completed 7th grade
D Completed 8th grade
E Completed 9th or 10th grade
F Completed 11th grade
G Completed GED
H High school diploma
V Postsecondary or Vocational Training
W One year college
X 2 years college
Y 3 years college
Z College graduate (Bachelor degree)
P Post graduate college degree (Master, Doctorate)