27-67-00 Item 67: Mar. Status

For each person in a SNAP Only (Category 08) case, enter one dash.

revised textFor a component SNAP member age 12 and over and for each person in an All Kids (Categories 94 and 96) or BCC program (Category 93), enter either a dash or a code (if the information is known). For All Kids, if a dash is entered, get the correct information and enter it at the next REDE.

For all other persons age 12 and over, including a person receiving cash or MANG via this Form 552, enter one of the following codes.

1 Never Married
2 Married and Living with Spouse
3 Married but spouse in nursing home, hospital, etc.
4 Deserted
5 Legally Separated
6 Other, including incarcerated spouse (Specify in REMARKS)
7 Divorced
8 Widowed
9 Client lives in an LTC facility, SLF, or is applying for or receiving DoA services and spouse lives in the community and is not applying for or receiving DoA services. (Requires an entry in Item 91.)